Data Backup and Recovery Capability Is Critical

In order to prevent data or file loss, you need to have a reliable backup system to help with data recovery. Most small business owners are not completely aware of how their backup should work. How often are your files “saved” to another device or remote location? Hard drives do not last forever; they crash. We can help you recover your business files as well as home computer photos.

data recovery

Different Types of Data Recovery Services

  • Hard Drive recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • Tape Recovery
  • Optical Recovery
  • Removable Recovery
  • Digital Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Recovering data from corrupt hardware is a specialized technique. A large percentage of data recovery services comes from hard drive failures and is increasing. Everything from corporate records to family photos is stored on hard drives these days.

Our Data Backup System

We recommend and implement the following data backup system to protect your business data:

  • We run a local back up to another server at the facility
  • The backup is duplicated in a remote cloud backup server
  • We run active backup monitoring to ensure files are being saved and are not corrupt
  • We operate data recovery tests and adjust as needed to keep your files safe

Have you been told that your computer’s data cannot be saved? Let the Nerd Patrol take a look! Our computer repair technicians at the Nerd Patrol shop are remarkably talented in saving and restoring important files and more.

Here’s a scary statistic: 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster (According to the Boston Computing Network’s Data Loss Statistics). The Nerd Patrol believes that your business is as secure as your files are secure. Have our IT “Nerds” set up a dependable data backup system.

Spyware Removal and Virus Clean Up

Do not assume that your privacy is secure when you go online. Spyware is a pervasive form of malicious software. Spyware runs quietly in the background, maintaining a secret presence, collecting information, or monitoring your computer activities in order to trigger malicious activities related to your computer and how you use it. Not pleasant.

  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Phishing and spoofing
  • Misleading marketing
  • Trojans
  • Mobile Devices

The Nerd Patrol can install aggressive spyware removal software to remove spyware and viruses. After this, we can help you prevent future attacks.

Malware Removal

If you notice your homepage changed or you have new toolbars, extensions, or plugins installed, then you might have some sort of malware infection. Causes vary, but this usually means you clicked on that “congratulations” pop-up, which downloaded some unwanted software.

Restoring Peace Of Mind by hiring the Nerd Patrol to protect your files. it is far less expensive to protect your data than it is to try to recover it! Set up a meeting with The Nerd Patrol professionals to gain back peace of mind.

Contact Nerd Patrol to discuss Computer and Server Data Backup Systems and data protection options. We have 20+ years of experience as system engineers keeping your network productive and data secure.