Remote Support or In-Person IT Services To Keep Your Business Running

We’ll come to your office to repair or upgrade your small business IT Services including business computers, IT network, server installation, and email systems. We can also provide remote support for your business. We are proficient at hardware, software, security, virus removal, and network issues. The Nerd Patrol stays focused on your business. We can usually have your problem solved within just 2-3 hours.

Network Security

IT Serves We Provide Include:

  • Business Remote Support – a computer technician using software and IT hardware to access a client’s devices offsite, in order to provide maintenance and IT support. 
  • Network Installation – Installing the computer network, either wireless or LAN, adding the firewall and network security.
  • Hybrid Office Setup – Helping your business establish and maintain the cloud services and IT infrastructure that will be investing in video equipment, VoIP telephone systems, email systems, and network security.
  • Network Security – Protecting the crucial networking infastructure from misuse, unathorized access, or theft.
  • Backup Systems – We recommend running a local back up to another facility and/or dupicate the back up in a remote cloud back up server.
  • Video Security – A digital video survailance system stored or sent over communication networks.
  • Virus Removal – We can install aggressive spyware removal software to remove spyware and viruses. After this, we can help you prevent future attacks.
  • RAID System Data Recovery – Recovering and restoring data from RAID infrastructure or storage architecture.
  • VPN Server – Establishing a secure connection between your business and the internet.
  • Data Recovery – We can do hard drive recovery, RAID recovery, tape recovery, optical recovery, removable recovery, and/or digital recovery.
  • New Computers – Need a new computer? We can build one from scratch, custom made to fit your needs.

Setting Up A Home Business

Trends are changing! Businesses of all sizes have work-from-home or hybrid office workplace options now. Network security may have never been more important. Whether you are working from home or are setting up a home-based small business – protecting your data files is critical. The Nerd Patrol Small Business IT Services will identify and set up for your home office a computer networking solution that makes sense and works for your budget.

Small Business IT Services

When working from a retail location, a manufacturing shop, a local Cincinnati office complex, or a brand new home business – the Nerd Patrol has computer repair and maintenance solutions that are designed for your business. Our IT service technicians know how important it is to keep your system running smoothly. Read more about our Work From Home solutions.

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Business Remote Support – The New Help Desk

We offer businesses secure, flexible, and integrated remote support solutions. The Nerd Patrol of Cincinnati Ohio has the experience and technical competence you need. Our local small business clients say we are the most affordable solution to their IT needs. We invite you to contact any of the IT professionals at The Nerd Patrol to discuss solutions to your computer, network, and security needs and to set up an on-site estimate.