Productivity Comes From Easy Access

WORK FROM HOME? Does your home office look anything like this? We just love it. The future of work has changed. People are embracing the hybrid environment. Hybrid work refers to the idea of going back to the office after working from home for at least one day a week but also spending some time working remotely. Employees are loving it and are clearly seeing the value in a hybrid work environment.

Work From Home

One thing is for sure, the Covid situation has changed the way many businesses operate, and employees have discovered their “new” desk is at their house. The expression Work From Home has become the thing!

Wakefield Research shows that almost half of employees (47%) would likely look for a job if their employer doesn’t adopt a flexible working model. The survey showed that employees are more productive, not less! Employers are saving on office space expenses, too. The trend is for more satellite offices with conference rooms and co-working spaces.

Cloud Services

The technicians at the Nerd Patrol can help your business establish and maintain the cloud services and IT infrastructure that will be investing in video equipment, VoIP telephone systems, email systems, and network security. These services will allow the managers to accommodate the employees, customize hours, and security settings.

Access and security to corporate data is just as important as it was back when the accounting department handled it. Have you ensured the employees’ remote access system is secure? Let’s have a serious discussion about making the Work From Home environment both secure and affordable for your small business. We have almost 25 years of experience taking care of the Cincinnati area small businesses. Thank you so much for your trust.