Preparing Your Technicians for Smooth Transactions

Eyeglasses with laptop on the desk.

On the road service technicians and sales staff have the same needs as your work from home hybrid employee… they need a smooth method to process the sales transactions. There are so many online file sharing and storage options and end-to-end packages. Unfortunately, many Cincinnati Ohio businesses are not taking great advantage of these options. Do you personalize your online experience to best reflect your brand and service? Can your on the road employees access it anytime, anywhere in a secure manner to process the sales ticket?

A quick Google search will tell you there are hundreds of wonderful client management options. Having your data one click away is fantastic if the on the road technicans can easily process the sales ticket. Find an option that is specifically built for your HVAC, plumbing, electrical, garage, roofing & more. Customizing the operations methods for the road service technicians can make the paperless world a huge win!

Electronic Filing System

We are seeing a trend of moving all current files and much of the older (paper) files into an electronic format. Looks like the world of boxed paper files for long-term storage is going away. This trend has started years ago, long before remote working was popular. The Blueprint Service recommends the following items to consider with establishing an electronic filing system:

  • Create a document retention plan
  • Choose the right file management software
  • Figure out an implementation plan
  • Set up storage
  • Schedule ongoing maintenance

While PDF document copies are not as easy to access as the client management systems – they do provide for long-term storage. Thank you for trusting the Nerd Patrol of Cincinnati Ohio with your digital needs. We are honored to be a part of your team.